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11 More Months To Be Involved

By Allison Kooser

As we prepare for the holiday season, we are counting down our 12 Days of Christmas - celebrating Opportunity's work around the world this year. 

If you are anything like me, December is a whirlwind month filled with parties and concerts and family and cookies and laughter and shopping and noise. It’s a time to celebrate and a time to remember. And for me, it’s a time to give back. 

Each December, I evaluate the causes I support and make my annual contributions. And if data is any indicator, I am not alone in this practice – 30% of annual charitable giving occurs in December, and 10% of giving occurs in the last 3 days of the year. Clearly, December is a big month for giving.

So this year, I’m remembering and planning for the other 11 months – and reminding you (and myself) that there are so many ways to be involved with Opportunity all year long!

Want to get involved in a community?

Check out Young Ambassadors for Opportunity, our young professionals network with volunteer chapters in more than a dozen cities around the country. These chapters plan events, host educational sessions and fundraise on behalf of Opportunity – and they always have a lot of fun! Learn about a YAO chapter near you and get involved this year!

If you feel like the Young Ambassadors program might not be the best fit for you, explore the Women’s Opportunity Network or the Governors program. These networks gather like-minded Opportunity supporters to learn and engage with Opportunity together.

Want to travel?

In 2015, take a trip with Opportunity! All year long, Opportunity supporters travel to the field on Insight Trips to meet clients, visit Opportunity banks in the field and experience Opportunity’s transformational work first-hand. These experiences are life-changing and connect travelers to Opportunity like little else can.

Want to get your friends involved?

This year, take a challenge and start a fundraiser for Opportunity. Instead of birthday gifts, ask your friends and family to contribute to your fundraiser. Run a race. Host a party. Or take the Live Below the Line Challenge with us in April. Our online fundraiser tool makes it easy to tell your story and engage your network with Opportunity.

If fundraisers aren’t your style, consider giving Opportunity International gift cards. These great gifts introduce your friends and family to Opportunity clients – allowing recipients to choose a loan to fund and receive updates on the client’s progress.

Want to attend an event?

Keep an eye on our events page for activities in a city near you. You can hear from an engaging speaker, gather with like-minded neighbors and learn more about Opportunity’s work around the world. And stay tuned for more information about our larger Summit events in 2015 – these are gatherings that you don’t want to miss!

Want to making giving easier?

Sign up for recurring giving and lose the stress of year-end contributions! Set up an automated gift each month and check one thing off of your December to-do list. Plus, recurring giving helps Opportunity budget and make plans for the year ahead. 

Thank you for your year-end support – and we look forward to engaging with you in the other 11 months of the year!

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