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Agriculture Team Spotlight

by Tim Strong

Q&A with Tim Strong, Regional Agriculture Finance Adviser, Branchless Banking Tim Strong (right) walks the field with a farmer. Years with Opportunity: 2 wonderful years Favorite Part About Your Job:…

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Feeding the Future: Ending Global Hunger

The majority of those struggling with hunger live in rural regions where they depend upon agriculture to survive. Ironically, it is those people who are growing food who often struggle the most to eat…

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Behind the Scenes with the Agriculture Finance Team

by Debbie Scibek

Debbie Scibek, Program Manager, with local farmers. Agriculture Finance for Dummies: a book that doesn’t exist but I wish did when I began managing Opportunity’s agriculture program. After spending…

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Opportunity In Action: March Edition

Read our March edition of Opportunity In Action to learn about the many challenges women and girls in poverty face and how Opportunity is empowering them through education and inclusion.

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Empowered Women Change the World

Beyond simple human decency, there are other factors at play that make gender equality such a significant priority for those working in development around the world.

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Opportunity Insights, A Knowledge Management Report

Opportunity’s KM team is responsible for generating, capturing and disseminating knowledge throughout the Opportunity network as a result of conducting rigorous, groundbreaking research on clients, markets,…

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Governor Gives Back on a Big Birthday

by Sarah Tesch

When Jason Williford of Fort Worth, Texas turned 40 last year, he and wife Betsy didn't order black balloons and "over the hill" banners. They decided to model Jason's birthday party after their son's…

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Empowering Women through AgFinance in Mozambique

Opportunity is implementing an action research pilot in Mozambique to innovate ways of sustainably linking women farmers to agricultural services, markets, and finance. One year in, this action research…

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Opportunity International EduFinance, Teach A Man To…

Opportunity International EduFinance, Teach A Man To Fish, and Fundación Paraguaya Partner to Expand School Enterprise Challenge in Tanzania March 10, 2017 // by Nathan Byrd Opportunity International…

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Opportunity International and Cisco Collaborate with…

CHICAGO –March 8, 2017–Opportunity International will receive multi-year support from Cisco to impact the lives of low-income women by leveraging digitization, such as mobile cell-phone banking, across…

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