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Ellen Ratner interviews Atul Tandon, CEO Opportunity…

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Opportunity Insights, A Knowledge Management Report

Opportunity’s KM team is responsible for generating, capturing and disseminating knowledge throughout the Opportunity network as a result of conducting rigorous, groundbreaking research on clients, markets,…

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Sinapi Aba's Conversion from MFI to Savings and Loans

In 2011, Ghana’s largest and arguably most successful microfinance institution, Sinapi Aba Trust (Opportunity network member), converted to a government-regulated Savings and Loans Company – Sinapi…

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Promoting Peace Through Community and Opportunity

In order to end extreme poverty, people must first feel safe in their homes and free from violence. Opportunity promotes peace and justice by fostering community and creating opportunities for people to…

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What We're Reading: Nicholas Kristof

by Atul Tandon

For the first time in history, less than 10% of the world lives in extreme poverty—and every day, another 250,000 people graduate from extreme poverty, according to the World Bank.

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First Merchant Bank to Acquire Opportunity International…

First Merchant Bank pledges to continue Opportunity International’s legacy of promoting financial inclusion LILONGWE AND CHICAGO – 28 June 2017 – First Merchant Bank (FMB) has announced that it has…

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Partnering for Health and Well-Being: Exploring SDG3

Poverty puts people at higher risk of poor health and these health risks make economic poverty more severe. Opportunity is building innovative programs and partnerships to break the vicious cycle and make…

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Opportunity In Action: May

Read our May edition of Opportunity In Action to learn how Opportunity is investing in the building blocks of developing economies and unleashing the potential of our clients and their communities.

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Beyond the Fishing Rod: Unlocking Innovation and Sustainable…

Infrastructure is critical for progress and success. In order to thrive, people must have access to markets, technology, banking, roads, water, education and more—which is why Sustainable Development…

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Planting a Seed of Opportunity: An Infographic

by Opportunity International

Two out of every three African farmers are living in poverty, despite having incredible potential to grow their underutilized farms. Opportunity International provides ambitious farmers who want to work…

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