The people of Nicaragua are facing severe violence and unrest. Help our clients and staff during this national crisis.

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Announcing Our July Book Club Selection

by Opportunity International

We are ready for vacation—which means we are ready for some excellent summer reading! As the temperature heats up, we are excited to dive into an incredible novel that is perfect for the pool, a plane,…

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Schools Create Jobs

by Simona Haiduc

One of the most surprising and important benefits of Opportunity's Education Finance program is the way schools serve as economic engines in their communities. Schools educate children, but they also create…

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Opportunity International Announces $25,000 Gift from…

Learn how we are partnering with the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) in the fight against global poverty.

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Minnesota Governors in Action

by Opportunity International

Minnesota Governors gathered in April to celebrate the NICACED program with visitor David Kone and enjoyed a fireside chat with Opportunity CEO Atul Tandon. Insight trips to Nicaragua and strong church…

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WASH Programs in Schools

by Opportunity International

Bridgette Sekyi has always been passionate about education. When she and her husband moved from Accra to the more rural region of Kwabre in Ghana, she noticed that the schools in her area had a problem.…

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Opportunity EduFinance’s Support of Private Education…

by Faye Ruck-Nightingale

This post originally appeared in January on the EduFinance blog here.  At Opportunity EduFinance our absolute focus to help all children access a quality education.  Our School Fee Loans help kids…

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Unlocking Quality Education for this Generation

by Heather Kaczrowski

At Opportunity International, we are committed to one audacious goal: ending extreme poverty in our lifetimes. To achieve this vision, one of the most critical issues we must address is that of generational…

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Why EduFinance Matters

by Andrew McCusker

What do you want to be when you grow up?  It’s a common question we ask our children as they grow and develop. It’s what my own parents asked me as I started school as a kid. It’s one of the first…

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Key Program Learnings: Education Finance

by Abbie Condie, Mary Pat McVay, and Genzo Yamamoto

At Opportunity International, we believe that championing inclusion is essential to achieving universal access to quality education (UN Sustainable Development Goal #4). Our EduFinance program fosters…

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Crisis in Nicaragua

by Atul Tandon

As you may have seen in recent news, Nicaragua is undergoing its biggest uprising since the civil war ended in 1990. Protests began on April 18, following proposed changes to taxes and pensions, and the…

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