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Data, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Business Intelligence

Opportunity International harnesses the power of data to drive better service delivery to financial institutions, schools, and parents.

EduFinance’s Data & Business Intelligence team harnesses the power of data to drive better service delivery to financial institutions, schools, parents, and donors. The team captures and monitors data and reports sent from financial institutions, schools, our own staff, and third parties. By organizing these data into databases and through rigorous analysis and monitoring results, we are able to efficiently identify key areas of success, points for improvement, and new ideas. We share our deep knowledge and best practices with partners across the sector, working to build capacity and put more children into better schools.  

Elementary school, Uganda
Elementary school, Uganda

Financial Institutions

EduFinance empowers our financial institution partners to build productive, high-quality, and sustainable Education Finance portfolios.

Each month, financial institutions submit portfolio positions for their School Improvement Loans, School Fee Loans, and more. Through aggregation of data and time series analysis, the team produces a custom nine-page dashboard for each institution, known as the "EdPack". The analysis covers historical trends in portfolio outstanding, disbursements, risk, sustainability, and impact and is presented in an easy-to-understand visual format, facilitating an ongoing dialogue with the financial institution.

The EdPack highlights areas of strength, flags potential problems, and enables timely, data-driven decision making. EduFinance uses the EdPack as a core business intelligence tool to aggregate regional and global data and ensure that financial institutions continue to operate at the highest levels of both financial and social performance.

Working closely—often individually—with financial institutions, EduFinance has used these data to analyze and demonstrate the impact that specific interventions and product design characteristics have on performance for our partners. This helps build internal capacity, test new ideas, and facilitate valuable exchanges between financial institutions in different geographies. Communication across the sector addresses common problems that Education Finance managers face around the world. We also have conducted work with certain partners to build a credit-scoring algorithm, which uses machine learning and vast historical data to drive better lending decisions.

Student, Uganda
Student, Uganda

Data for Education Quality

The Data and Business Intelligence team provides support to the EduQuality program by working with our Education Specialist and Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist teams to collect, aggregate, and process data. Tablet-based surveys and report templates enable efficient, paperless collection of hundreds of data points, which are easily uploaded to the cloud for safe and secure storage, including:

  • Pathways to Excellence self-assessments
  • School Development Plans
  • Cluster meeting and training reports

Collecting data in this way enables the team to measure progress, impact, and productivity. Using these data, the Business Intelligence team is focused on finding additional improvements to further scale the program and reach more schools.

Student, Tanzania
Student, Tanzania

Monitoring and Evaluation

As a fast-growing and dynamic organization, EduFinance’s Data and Business Intelligence team uses multiple Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) survey tools to measure program performance and evaluate results. We combine and analyze data collected through market research, financial institutions, and the Education Quality program. This meta-analysis allows us to optimize the impact our program has on creating sustainable EduFinance portfolios and positive conditions for learning.

EduFinance also works with research partners to design special studies, collect new primary data, and share raw data sets. This research enables us to dive deep into specific areas EduFinance wants to better understand and further iterate our program for greater impact.

Understanding School Fee Loans

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