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Join a Community Women's Opportunity Network

Why invest in women?

Through more than 40 years of experience, Opportunity International knows that when a woman gets a microfinance loanand training, she begins to build her business – anything from a produce stand or clothing stall to a mobile phone charging station or farm. Today, 95% of Opportunity’s loan clients are women who consistently show inspiring resilience and determination to change their own world and the future of their children and communities.

What is the One Woman Initiative?

The One Woman Initiative seeks to empower an additional two million women living in poverty through financial resources, education and training to build sustainable futures. Within Opportunity International, The One Woman Initiative is a focus on the single greatest point of untapped leverage in the world today – one woman and the power she wields to lift up the world around her.

How do I become a part of the Women's Opportunity Network?

Your gift of $1,500 will automatically enlist you into a Network of dynamic women leaders. By joining, you will make a difference in women’s lives by engaging your own networks, speaking on behalf of Opportunity, hosting small events, and/or joining in support of our calendar of “Invest in One” push periods. A gift of $150 will keep you connected to the work of the Network. You will be updated on One Woman Initiative news and activities.

Join the Women's Opportunity Network in support of the One Woman Initiative

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