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12 Years With Opportunity

By Diane Ferguson

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…12 drummers drumming…

The 12th day of Christmas is especially meaningful to me this year because it marks twelve years since I joined the Opportunity International family. As I reflect on my time at Opportunity, I considered a dozen anecdotes that might express what an honor it is to come alongside you, our supporters, in this worthy mission. In the end, I decided to share one very small aspect of my day that I believe says it all. Its the moment I open my eyes each morning. I think its safe to say that many people wake to the sound of an alarm clock that blares way too soon. Not me. I have not used an alarm clock for twelve years. I no longer own one. In 12 years since joining Opportunity, I wake each Monday through Friday morning feeling ready, actually eager to face the day. I head off to the office to humbly serve in my role which I pray is a conduit, bringing together our supporters and our beloved clients each day. My job involves dreaming up new ways to express our sincere gratitude to you and to create a connection between you and our hardworking clients. One way I achieve that is by sharing their stories. Stories of perseverance; stories of triumph against all odds. Your impact on our clients is nothing short of miraculous, and it is my honor and a real blessing to work behind the scenes to help make sure you know how much we appreciate and love you as members of our family. I often catch myself wondering how I got so darn lucky.

The significance of the twelfth day of Christmas does not stop with me. Its more about you, our supporters and your impact on our clients. Its all about thanking you for helping us increase our outreach and provide the very best transformative services and products to ensure our clients success along their journeys out of poverty. Because of you, we at Opportunity can offer marginalized people with an entrepreneurial spirit so much more than just a loan. With your support, we closed last year with more than 12 million clients who accessed microloans, training, a safe place to save and/or access to the peace of mind that comes with the protection of insurance. More than 12 million are actively working their way out of poverty with dignity, right now! 

Join us over the 12 days of Christmas as we share a collection of blogs packed with stories of our clients and all you are helping us achieve – we think you will be blessed each day. You are our 12 drummers drumming and you are the reason more than 12 million people and countless family members and neighbors have the tools they need to build a better life. You are helping our clients drum up income-generating businesses, jobs for neighbors and nutrition, education and promise for their children. 

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