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Waymaker Wednesday: Student

By Opportunity International

Today, a girl in Uganda is four times more likely to have a baby, than have a high school diploma before reaching adulthood. For her, the future is not full of hope, but it’s filled with worry and uncertainty.

Education is the most powerful way to break free from the cycle of poverty. But the ability to go to school is a whole different story in rural areas. Most of them travel long, exhausting distances just to go to school.

Just like this girl here, making her way from her farm to her school. And when they get to school, they’re usually very tired and not able to concentrate, as you can imagine. As such, learning time is lost.

Children living in rural areas have great determination to get educated. They are waymakers each and every day, and you and I can help them realize their dreams.

This video is a selection from Opportunity International's Virtual Art Gallery: Portrait of a Waymaker. Explore the entire gallery here.

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