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Celebrating Mothers: Jayanthi's Story

By Opportunity International

In honor of Mothers Day on May 13, we are celebrating some of the amazing women we know around the world who are working tirelessly to support their families and create bright futures for their children. Honor the mothers in your life at opportunity.org/mothersday


As a relationship officer at Opportunity’s Saidapet Branch, Jayanthi serves entrepreneurs throughout India who are working to build businesses and livelihoods. She serves clients, supervises a team, and has pursued her own training in sewing and computer skills. But her greatest role is as a mom to her two girls. 


When her husband passed away in 2004, Jayanthi became the sole provider for her daughters. She worked several jobs, but struggled to make ends meet. It was difficult for her to support her small family, and she worried what kind of future her daughters would have. Then Jayanthi learned about Opportunity International trust groups. She was invited to serve Opportunity as a relationship officer, and her whole life changed.

Thanks to her hard work, Jayanthi has managed to keep her daughters in school, providing them with the education they will need to build bright futures for themselves. And through her efforts in the community, she has helped more than 500 other mothers support their own families, too.


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