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Harvesting a New Era of Digital Training

By Opportunity International

Since launching in 2009, Opportunity’s Agriculture Finance program has provided innovative programs to smallholder farmers in Africa. Clients are given an opportunity to provide for their families through our financial trainings, access to bank accounts and financial services, teachings on best agricultural practices, and connections to fair markets where they can get a good value for their crops. 

Have you ever been curious about how our partners in the field provide the trainings that help clients strengthen and improve their farms? Our teaching content is strategically developed for applied learning and uses local farmers to deliver the training on camera to their peers, which helps build familiarity and authenticity. Through teaching Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), our staff equips farmers with good farming practices related to the specific crops they grow with the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of their harvests. 

To more easily reach our clients who are unable to attend a GAP training in person, we have developed new training videos that can be compressed and shared via WhatsApp, a free popular mobile application. This is particularly helpful for farmers who may not be able to attend GAP training and otherwise would miss out on valuable—even life-changing—information. 

Excerpts from Training Video for Coffee Farmers in Uganda

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