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Field Update: My Trip to Ghana

By Atul Tandon

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Ghana with our US Board, UK Board, and CEOs from our partners in Canada, the UK, and Australia. It was an incredible week—full of official meetings, client visits, and opportunities to build relationships with our global team. What an honor to learn more about our work in West Africa and connect with our two Ghanaian partners, OISL and Sinapi Aba.  

Opportunity began working in Ghana in 1994 thanks to the leadership and generosity of Fred and Nancy Gale and the vision and hard work of many Ghanaian leaders. Now, more than 20 years later, our two local partners are working with nearly a million clients. It's remarkable to see the transformation that has happened in a few short decades. 

Together, we have already accomplished much, but there are many opportunities still ahead of us. Our upcoming Spring Campaign will focus on creating opportunities for rural families in Africa—families just like the ones I met in Ghana. Because you are a key member of our Governors community, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at this important work—and encourage you to engage with us this spring.

With your help, we plan to equip 5,000 people in rural Africa with the tools they need to survive.

Looking forward to our continued partnership as we focus on serving families living in extreme poverty in Ghana and throughout Africa. It was particularly exciting to hear about new initiatives our partners are launching and building, including more strategic agricultural finance programs, water and sanitation initiatives, solutions for digital inclusion, youth training, and specialized services for those living with disabilities. 

This trip left me encouraged, challenged, and more committed than ever to our work in Ghana and around the world—and I hope you feel the same. 

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