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Opportunity In Action

May Edition

May 25, 2017

People like to say, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” But what good will it do if a fisherman doesn't have a fishing rod or doesn’t know where to sell his fish? In order to thrive, entrepreneurs must have access to markets, technology, banking, roads, water, education and more—which is why Opportunity International equips clients with the knowledge and infrastructure they need to succeed. In our latest blog, you'll learn how Opportunity is investing in the building blocks of developing economies and unleashing the potential of our clients and their communities.

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Seeds of Opportunity

For someone living in extreme poverty, especially in rural areas, opportunities don’t come along every day. Small-scale farmers have the potential to improve their harvests and dream of new possibilities for their families—but only if they have access to the right opportunities. Plant a Seed of Opportunity today so farmers can receive the loans and technical training they need to grow their harvests and work their way out of poverty.

Plant a Seed

From Small-Scale to Big Time

Malawi farmer Ned Ellison tried desperately to support his family, but he could only do so much to grow his harvests, which suffered from the inconsistent Malawi rain. Take 2 minutes to see how one seed of opportunity catapulted Ned’s farm from small-scale to big time—and changed his family’s future in the process.

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Watch the Possibilities Grow: An Infographic

See how planting a single seed of opportunity can change everything for ambitious farmers who want to work their way out of poverty and just need access to the right tools, financial services and connections to grow their farms and feed their families.

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Malin Akerman and Opportunity in Entertainment Weekly

Actress and Opportunity supporter Malin Akerman recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly for the magazine's newest column, “Act With Me,” where stars share their personal stories about giving back. Learn more about how Malin became an Opportunity supporter and why she thinks "this is the future" of giving back.

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