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What A Gift!

By Lydia Baldridge Meier

I got an email last night alerting me that my husband had created a patch for me on Opportunity’s Mother’s Day Quilt. I’ve worked for Opportunity for 12 years, and have always loved the way Mother’s Day is particularly meaningful to the work we do to empower mothers and fathers to provide for their families.

But in recent years, since I’ve become a mother myself, my inspiration has redoubled. Knowing how I’d move heaven and earth for my two kids, I can better understand why our clients work so hard. You might think that 12 years of reading story after story of mothers whose loan or savings account enabled her to put a better roof over her family, feed them more nutritiously, or send them to school might get … boring. But it doesn’t. 

Perhaps it’s the extra motherly hormones, but I am more emotionally hit with every story I receive from my global colleagues and get to write for our supporters. I am even moved by making charts and graphs of our progress --- because I can envision all the faces they represent! So if receiving a patch on the Mother’s Day Quilt can touch and impact an Opportunity veteran like me, imagine how moving it will be for a special mother in your life.

Thanks for your partnership!

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