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Looking Back at Love

By Allison Kooser

For the last month, we've been celebrating love here at Opportunity International. I've enjoyed being a part of conversations about the love shared between clients and loan officers, husbands and wives, parents and children and trust group members. These many relationships are at the core of Opportunity's work and extend the impact of our work - transforming the lives of not just individuals, but entire communities. 

In case you missed any of the great things happening this month, we've rounded up some of our favorites for you here! 

Working for Our Families highlighted parents working tirelessly to provide bright futures for their children. 

Protecting a Child's Future taught us about EduSave - an innovative insurance, savings and education product designed to keep children in school, even when major challenges strike their families. 

We learned about amazing clients in Client Love StoriesIron Sharpens Iron and Danny & Duver

Members of the Opportunity International US team shared their personal experiences with love and community in Sacrifice and Other Marks of Love and What YAO Taught Me About Community. 

One of the most powerful functions of community in the Opportunity model is that of Trust Groups. These groups form the foundation of many of Opportunity's loans, and we learned more about them in Questions About Trust Groups, Community and Success and Alleviating Poverty Through Trust Groups

On Facebook, we loved sharing great stories of clients living and working in community, and over on Medium, I wrote about my own experiences and lessons learned from my family and group of friends

And most recently, we celebrated our incredible community of women on International Women's Day. Our CEO, Vicki Escarra, wrote a piece for Huffington Post and many of our friends enjoyed discovering more about themselves on the Which Inspirational Woman Are You? quiz. 

We have loved celebrating these stories of relationship - and we are inspired by the love between the many people who make up the Opportunity community. 

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