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Other Initiatives

Since our founding, Opportunity has developed innovative programs to serve families living in poverty. Over the years, we developed Trust Group lending; built banks; created, piloted, and scaled Education Finance and Agriculture Finance—which are now leading programs in the industry; and been a leader in digital financial services.

We are a listening and learning organization, committed to meeting the evolving needs of the families we serve. Our innovative approach is built upon research, tested through pilot programs, scaled to create global impact, and measured to demonstrate efficacy. We respond to the challenges our clients are facing by developing the tools and resources they need to break the cycle of poverty and help their families thrive.


Vandana, India
Vandana, India

What We Do

Graduation Programs

For those living in ultra-poverty—the most severe form of poverty in the world—traditional poverty alleviation programs remain out of reach. The Graduation Model meets these families where they are and offers them continued training, mentorship, and support as they learn how to earn an income and provide for their families.

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Refugee Services

Motivated by our commitment to support the world's most vulnerable and marginalized communities, we are building programs to serve refugees and internally displaced people. By providing services and training to people living in refugee settlements, we are helping families find economic stability in the midst of incredibly difficult circumstances.

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Vocational Training for Youth

The burgeoning youth population in Africa presents both a tremendous challenge and an incredible opportunity. These young people can become innovative leaders and valuable contributors to the local economy, but they must first have the opportunity to learn, build skills, and find work. Opportunity creates technical vocational education training programs to equip, mentor, and encourage youth as they enter the workforce. 

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Women’s Economic Empowerment

Through financial services, training, and support, we help women become agents of economic change, moving them from exclusion to inclusion. Especially in communities where women have been historically marginalized, Opportunity equips women to work alongside their neighbors and educates families on the power of women's economic participation and inclusion.

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