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Protecting a Child's Future

By Brad Skeba

Parents, no matter where in the world they are from, have the same desires for their children. They want them to succeed. They want them to live a life better than their own. They want them to learn and be educated and have the skills and confidence to achieve a meaningful life.

This love, this deeply entrenched desire to see their children flourish, is one of the critical intangibles that powers the success of so many of Opportunity International’s clients.  It’s why they work so hard day after day. Time and again, it’s the first reason why they come to Opportunity seeking a loan or to open a savings account - it’s why they enthusiastically jump into their own training and learning.

The parents we support are not in business for themselves. They’re in it for their kids and their family. When business is good, they eat well. When it grows, they get a seat in the classroom. When it thrives, they can give them the opportunities they were denied. Because our clients are in it for their kids, we’re in it for them. We want to help them plan for their children’s future. 

Education is the single largest determinant of future economic status and self-reliance, yet more than 67 million children worldwide are not in school, including one in four in Africa. Even a basic education can reveal a child’s unique talents. Unfortunately, millions of bright students drop out each year.

Where we serve, the unexpected illness or death of a parent or guardian often ends a child’s educational journey. When this happens, children are often forced to engage in early-age labor to survive. In order to provide parents with a way to ensure their children can continue to learn should the worst ever happen, Opportunity International launched EduSave.

EduSave is a free insurance product that is activated when a parent reaches a minimum savings threshold. Should a parent pass away or fall gravely ill, EduSave is activated to cover their children’s school fees so that they do not have to drop out; in so many ways, this product is a means for our clients to continue to invest in their children, preparing them to continue to succeed, even should they be unable to witness their journey.

Currently, Opportunity International provides EduSave in Ghana, Malawi and Uganda, covering more than 364,000 children and providing their parents with the peace of mind that their dreams, love and hopes for their children will continue even in the case of emergency.

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