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Theory of Change


Pathways out of poverty towards sustainable livelihoods

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Ultimate Outcomes


Able to manage and flourish

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Agency and confidence to capture potential

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Enabling Outcomes

Financial Resources

  • Income
  • Assests
  • Jobs

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Human Capital

  • Knowledge
  • Productivity
  • Ability

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Thriving Connections

  • Social Ties
  • Growth
  • Viability

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Core Programs

Microenterprise • Education • Agriculture • Health • Graduation

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Core Activities

Mobilize Finance

  • Credit Support Mechanisms
  • Capital Solutions
  • Tailored Financial Services

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Build Capacity

  • Training & Mentorship to Clients Through Trusted Agents
  • Technical Assistance to Financal Service Providers

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Strengten Networks

Group Support, Services, Market Linkages to Expand Client Resources

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Women's Empowerment • Climate Resilience • Digital Services & Innovation

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Opportunity International’s theory of change asserts that engaging in three core activities:

Mobilizing finance
Building capacity through training, mentorship, and technical assistance to financial institutions
Strengthening networks/group support

When implemented through core program areas like…


…will bring about positive outcomes that enable clients to work, earn, connect, and thrive.

As a result, our clients will achieve the ultimate outcomes of resilience and opportunity.

Our end goal: pathways out of poverty towards sustainable livelihoods for individuals, families, and communities.

In partnership, we nurture an inclusive financial sector and an ecosystem that helps those living in the deepest poverty meaningfully participate in local economies. We seek to ensure that marginalized populations have access to the tools they need so they can feed their families, afford decent healthcare, provide education for their children, live in safety, and enjoy adequate shelter.

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