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Entrepreneurs in India are Supporting their Families

By Opportunity International

Jayanthi works hard to keep her daughters in school

Jayanthi from India and her daughters.Jayanthi’s husband passed away in 2004 after which she sought training in sewing and studied basics in computer. Although she worked several jobs, it was difficult for Jayanthi to support her daughters Lavanya and Abinaya. When she learned of Opportunity International’s Trust Groups in her community, she quickly capitalized on the opportunity and got involved.

As a patron of education, Jayanthi never stopped learning even at hard times in life. With the help of Opportunity International loans and her perseverance, she has been able to pass that love for education to her daughters by keeping them in school. Jayanthi’s dedication to growth and her family led her to become a Chief Relationship Officer (CRO) at Opportunity International’s Saidapet Branch. She now supports hundreds of Opportunity clients who like her are looking for that opportunity to succeed.

Saleha’s business impacted not only her family but also her local community

SalehaBefore receiving a small loan from Opportunity International, Saleha and her husband Mujib struggled to make ends meet. As residents of India’s least developed state, Bihar, they were determined to establish a new life for themselves and their children. After connecting with Opportunity and receiving a loan, Saleha and Mujib built up their construction business and tripled their daily income.

With the extra money they purchased more nutritious food and cleaner, safer drinking water. Their new economic reality also afforded their children the opportunity to receive a quality education, planting the seeds for a fruitful future. The success of Saleha and Mujib’s business impacted not only their family but also their local community. They currently have seven employees who now have the ability to support their own families and build their own futures.

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