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Three Marathons Down, Three To Go

By Lauren Hawley

This week, Opportunity International supporter Vanessa Felts is running an ultramarathon across the Gobi Desert to raise funds and awareness for our clients. So far, Vanessa has run three marathons in three days, and has three more to go before her journey ends this weekend.

Vanessa powering through day 2 with Aussie friend Steve Brydon (who also ran the Sahara with Deyl). Both of their lives have powerfully served children with autism.

Although the race is grueling, Vanessa remains mentally strong because she knows her perseverance will make a difference in the lives of our clients. She checked in from her campsite last night, and wrote:

“Overall I felt tired and depleted from not sleeping much at all and almost immediate hunger after I ate breakfast this morning. I wasn’t able to run as much as I would have liked when my IT band seized up at Checkpoint 2, but the upside of that (because there has to be!) Is that I got to walk with some lovely people and admire the stunning scenery. The finish line in camp is nestled back close to the mountains we will climb tomorrow, along a frigid river that our dirty bodies and tired muscles painfully enjoyed… Goodness, it is certainly arduous, but I am still so aware of the unique and privileged experience I am having.”

With encouragement from friends, family, and other runners, Vanessa will be able to finish the race strong. And, with support from others, Vanessa hopes to raise $37,500 to empower women entrepreneurs. Join her by funding one first-time loan in the amount of $150, or giving a gift of any amount to help Opportunity reach more people in need.

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