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Hopes for my Baby Boy

By Mari Gottlieb

Mother’s Day may be over, but the stories of strong Moms continue. The following post is from Mari Gottlieb, a Young Ambassador for Opportunity and Co-Chair of YAO-San Diego.

I am expecting my first child this summer, a baby boy named Hunter. As I await Hunter’s arrival, I spend hours each day thinking about the endless possibilities and my hopes and dreams for him. Will Hunter have my freckles? Will he share my husband’s passion for math?

I hope that Hunter will be healthy, that he will have the strength and resilience to persevere through whatever challenges may come his way, and that he will treat others with dignity and respect. I think about Hunter’s boundless potential. As his Mother, I want to make sure that I give Hunter every opportunity that I can – so that he can fulfill any dream he desires.

I realize that while I cannot compare my experience of raising a child in middle-class America to the struggles that many mothers face raising children in the developing world, I know that I am not alone in sharing the dream of a mother wanting to give her children every opportunity that she can. This is one of the reasons I support Opportunity International, an organization that provides five million women with access to life-changing financial products that empower them to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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