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“I Have a Dream” for an End to Poverty: Martin Luther King’s March on Washington

By Emily Riemer

Martin Luther King, Jr. led 250,000 people in the “March on Washington” in August 1963. On the national mall, Dr. King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. In it, he called for an end to inequality in American society, peaceful reconciliation among races and ethnic groups, and social and economic justice.

Martin Luther King, Jr. makes his “I Have a Dream” speech, August 28, 1963, in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Corbis/History.com)Today, 50 years later, Martin Luther King’s words inspire us to fight for justice at home and around the world.

At Opportunity International, we’re moved by King’s impassioned cry for an end to inequality. We’re committed to the rights of all people — no matter where they are, no matter how they live, and no matter their nationality or ethnicity — to live with dignity, hope, faith and without the chains of poverty. No person should be condemned by the circumstances of where they were born. Dr. King inspires us to keep up the hard work to end poverty and promote economic justice for our clients.

We have a dream that…

  • Entrepreneurs with a business idea and hope of earning an income can do so
  • Parents everywhere can feed their children
  • Children everywhere can get a good education
  • Health insurance will prevent serious illnesses from pushing people deeper into poverty
  • Crop insurance will enable farmers facing drought or floods to feed their kids and pay their bills
  • People will have a safe place to save their money with interest, avoiding the risk of hiding it in their yard or at a neighbor’s house
  • All people, regardless of who or where they are, will live with dignity and hope

These are our dreams. Justice is still at risk today as it was in 1963. Let us remember Martin Luther King’s legacy on this and all days by committing our lives to ending poverty, injustice and despair. We must never let go of this dream.

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