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Connecting in Rural Areas with Enterprise Open Sky (EOS) Technology

By Opportunity International

In remote areas of Mozambique, Ghana and Rwanda, far from the nearest brick-and-mortar bank branch, many Opportunity International clients, regardless of where they live or work, can make transactions in real time using Enterprise Open Sky (EOS).

An Opportunity Mozambique loan officer uses Enterprise Open Sky technology to set up accounts for farmers and rural families residing in the bush. Community members.Built by Opportunity’s MIS Services, EOS is a set of computer programs that works seamlessly in conjunction with the core banking system, provided the loan officer can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or an in-country cell phone provider.

EOS enables a loan officer to create, review or exchange information on Trust Groups or individual customers, develop loan payment schedules, generate customer receipts, transfer funds between accounts, and much more. Traditionally, paperwork generated in the field has had to make its way back to headquarters where it is keyed into the banking system. The introduction of EOS allows an Opportunity bank to enter its data remotely, thereby reducing the risk associated with losing loan and customer paperwork while en route.

So, whether travelling by motorized bicycle or car, or in an Opportunity mobile van or truck, says Daryl Skoog, Opportunity’s director of MIS services, “EOS gives our bank officers access to real-time account information through EOS, which provides security for the bank and convenience for our clients.

This piece appeared in winter 2012 issue of our Impact newsletter. Read issue of Impact here.

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