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Palm Soup and Fufu: Elizabeth Mensah’s Chop Bar

By The Students of the World (SOW) Boston team

The Students of the World (SOW) Boston team is in Ghana all this month visiting Opportunity Ghana‘s microfinance operations and documenting their experiences in a diverse array of photos, posts and more on their blog. You can see all their updates and content on their site, and stay tuned to the Opportunity Blog and our Facebook page as we repost their updates in the coming days and weeks.

Elizabeth Mensah is a client of Opportunity International. We visited her chop bar as part of our visit to a Trust Group meeting of which she is a member. In these photos, the employees of Elizabeth Mensah’s chop Bar preparepalm soup to serve along with fufu to its customers.

Palm nuts are heated over a fire. Afterwards, Aisa Addams grinds the fruit into a pulp using a mortar and pestle. The pulp is separated from the juice inside the fruit.

The rest of the juice is squeezed out of the pulp by Grace Joyce. After the juice from the palm fruit has been separated from the pulp it is heated over a fire. Once the soup has been heated, other ingredients such as fish are added to give the soup more flavor and nutrients.

To make fufu, cassava and plantain are combined together and mashed up using a mortar and pestle. John Ackom mashes the two together while Agnes Memsah moves the fufu around to ensure that it is evenly ground. Rebecca Appah prepares the fufu and palm soup for customers by combining them in the same bowl. Francis Opoko eats his fufu in Elizabeth Mensah’s Chop Bar. Fufu is customarily eaten without the use of utensils.

To view the original post on the SOW Boston blog, click here.

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