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Spotlight on the Annual Report: Microfinance Helps Communities Thrive

By Opportunity International

The Opportunity Progressive Trust Group in Kampala, Uganda provides the perfect example for how http://www.opportunity.org/our-work/trust-groups/Trust Groups[/intlink] can strengthen a community, helping families provide for themselves, send their children to school and build for their futures.

http://www.opportunity.org/media-center/stories/the-opportunity-progressive-trust-group/Charity Namutebi[/intlink] is an Opportunity http://www.opportunity.org/our-work/where-we-work/microfinance-in-africa/microfinance-in-uganda/Uganda[/intlink] loan officer for thehttp://www.opportunity.org/media-center/stories/the-opportunity-progressive-trust-group/Progressive Trust Group[/intlink]. She says that helping others thrive is her way of serving God. She hopes to one day become financially independent herself and would like to build a school to educate more children in the area.


Charity serves as Mariam Noah’s loan officer. Mariam says, “Charity is a very good person. She processes our loans promptly and shows us how to save.” Mariam is proprietress of the http://www.opportunity.org/media-center/stories/ladybird-infant-primary-school-the-impact-of-education/Ladybird Infant Primary School[/intlink], which enrolls 411 local students, including 213 girls, and she is applying for a Banking on Education loan to build a new school. Ladybird is a hub of education, fellowship and commerce in Kampala: members of the Progressive Trust Group send their children to Ladybird, and Mariam supports their businesses in various ways:

The Progressive Trust Group’s weekly meetings are held at the Ladybird School, and Mariam employs Trust Group member Nuulu Nankya as a preschool teacher. Nuulu is the chairperson of the Trust Group and a vendor of fruit drinks in the market…

Trust Group member James Kyeune is a wholesaler of milk, sweet potatoes and watermelon that he grows on his farm. He sells these items to the school for the students’ “break tea” at a lower price than Mariam could get elsewhere…

Ruth Nassimbwa sends her two youngest children to Ladybird, and sells onions, tomatoes and potatoes to the school so it can serve nutritious lunches to the students each day…

Milly Nassuna is a Trust Group member who sells plantains to many other Opportunity clients…

These are just a few of the connections created by building a Trust Group, which supports a school, that supports local people: Opportunity’s microfinance work is the catalyst that helps our clients build thriving communities. Check out Opportunity’shttp://www.opportunity.org/media-center/publications/annual-report/annual-report-2009/2009 Annual Report[/intlink] to learn more about how we’rehttp://www.opportunity.org/media-center/publications/annual-report/annual-report-2009/Helping Communities Thrive[/intlink] by providing financial access to over two million economically marginalized people in more than 20 countries, empowering people to work their way out of poverty.

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