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Notice anything different?

By Emily Riemer

Regular visitors to the Opportunity blog will notice it has a different look and format than before. Go further. http://www.opportunity.org/Opportunity.org[/intlink] has been completely refreshed and upgraded. Here are a few of our favorite features on the new site:

1. Photos at Your Fingertips

On every page, including the http://www.opportunity.org/homepage[/intlink], there is a slideshow of thumbnail pictures of our clients, our banks, and our staff. Get to know us better by clicking on one of the photos–it will enlarge and there will be a caption to give you more information about who, what or where is in the picture.

2. So Many Stories

Head on over to the http://www.opportunity.org/media-center/Media Center[/intlink]. In addition to informative press releases, colorful online publications, and engaging videos, you can read more http://www.opportunity.org/media-center/stories/stories[/intlink] about the clients, schools and http://www.opportunity.org/our-work/trust-groups/Trust Groups[/intlink] that work with Opportunity. Learn how our financial services make an impact for the individuals and communities we serve.

3. The Latest News

Go to the http://www.opportunity.org/homepage[/intlink] to stay up to date on the latest happenings related to the organization and the http://www.opportunity.org/what-is-microfinance/microfinance[/intlink] industry at large. Don’t miss a thing.

…And check back often to http://www.opportunity.org/opportunity.org[/intlink] to be a part ofhttp://www.opportunity.org/Opportunity International[/intlink]‘s working solution to global poverty.

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