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Why we’re excited about the Tanzania launch on OptINnow…

By Opportunity International

Now that Opportunity has launched Tanzanian clients on OptINnow, participants from last September’s YAO Insight Trip to Tanzania want to share the good news. Here, they tell us what excites them most about the launch of Tanzania on OptINnow.  

  • “I’m excited to tell my family and friends, because they all know how much Tanzania means to me. Tanzania will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m just so excited to see what God is going to be doing in the country!”
    -Suzie Hofert
  • “I’m looking forward to sharing Tanzania’s launch on OptINnow with my YAO chapter members and my local friends. It really helps to have a name and a face to promote microfinance. Once people see that these are real people who are working so hard to improve their lives, they will hopefully be more moved to support them and their small businesses.”
    -Anne Edwardson
  • “I love OptINnow and am excited to share this on my Blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and anywhere else I can get the word out about such a great and EASY way to help others.”
    -Jason Duff
  • “There are many people I talk to who are eager to support, but don’t have the time to travel to the continent directly to see the work for themselves. OptINnow is a great way to support while you find the time to get more involved.”
    -Tom Palecek
  • “The OptINnow online experience is an amazing visual platform that shares the stories, presents the need, and offers an efficient way to help instantly. It’s never been easier to offer a sustainable solution to someone on the other side of the world; all you have to do is a couple of clicks and it’s done! Be lazy, sit on the couch, click a few times to donate, and you’ve just kept the cycle going and changed a life…”
    -Christopher Manno

Meet Ramadhani Sondo, a taxi driver and Opportunity microfinance client in Dar es Salaam. He is saving his earnings to one day start a tailoring business and a small food shop with his wife. Support Ramadhani’s goals and help to fund the loan of a Tanzanian entrepreneur at OptINnow today.

Read more about the YAO Insight Trip to Tanzania last September on our blog — meet the clients of Opportunity Tanzania and learn how OptINnow can impact their lives.

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