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Live: CEO Kadita "A.T." Tshibaka Kicks off the Board of Governors Conference

By Sonja Egeland Kelly

I have always admired Opportunity International CEO Kadita “A.T.” Tshibaka. He has a way of coming into a room and making everyone feel special. And blessed. And happy. And empowered. He is able to connect with everyone–from a client in the field to a banking executive.

Today is no exception.

“A.T.” (as he is warmly called by his colleagues, friends, and family) expressed deep gratitude for the involvement of Opportunity’s supporters, and opened the Board of Governor’s Conference with a call to keep the poor at the forefront of our minds as we go through our days.

“Come and hear the stories. The stories of our clients, the stories of our staff members who have poured out their lives for the poor,” he said. “Stories of what we can do if we hold hands and work together.”

His welcoming address included his report of a recent meeting with Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative. He touched on Banking on Education, on Agrifinance, on the potential for a banking license in Colombia.

“With your support, we are making the difference in the lives of many.”

Thank God for people like Kadita “A.T.” Tshibaka. I left the session this morning feeling inspired and motivated.

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