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Daniel Taylor: Tell Me A Story

By Eliza Griffith

Hi! Let me tell you a story.

Doesn’t your body, your soul just lean in a bit when you hear that? Oh please, tell me!

Human beings live in stories. Today, Opportunity International’s Board of Governors begins its fall conference – Share her story, Change your world.

Daniel Taylor, a professor of literature and writing at Bethel University in Minnesota and a supporter of Opportunity for over 20 years, kicked off the conference. “Stories,” he said, “are the way we make sense of the world. We each live our own story and become characters in the stories of the people we meet and interact with. Stories drive us to make connections and build communities. Stories are the glue that binds families together. And stories do not merely exist, they drive us to act!”

So, this weekend, I invite you to share in the stories we will be telling: stories of women, men, and their families whose lives have been transformed by the empowering microfinance tools of Opportunity International. Listen to them. Engage with them. And as these stories move you to action, share them. In doing so, they will become your own.

Watch Vivian’s story and consider sharing it with your family and friends. Just one example of the inspiring stories of women that Opportunity lifts up.

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