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Harvesting Hope

When you make a donation, you’re not just giving–you’re harvesting hope for farmers. Your support provides them with access to innovative farming solutions.

Why Support Farmers

Tonight, more than 800 million people will go to bed hungry. The majority of these people are farmers—growing food but unable to feed their own families. They struggle with droughts and floods; outdated agricultural practices and misinformation; long roads to the market. But here is the good news: You can help harvest hope for their futures.

Farming for the Future

With your support, we are creating bold new tools and strategies to help farmers grow and earn more.

Digitization- Cutting basic processes from hours to minutes using simple digital tools and processes.

Smart Devices- Equipping Opportunity staff with iPads to run credit checks—which has cut loan approval time from 60 days to four.

Satellite Imagery- Evaluating farms via satellite imagery, saving precious travel time and further shortening the loan approval process.

Artificial Intelligence- Giving farmers access to expert advice at their fingertips via a custom AI tool.

Climate resilience- Promoting Regenerative Agriculture by encouraging practices like minimizing soil disturbance, maximizing crop diversity, and integrating livestock.

Gender equity- Helping women access agricultural resources and training so that they can help manage their family farms.

For farmers like Mary

Women like Mary are often excluded from their family farms—despite proven evidence that women farmers can reduce hunger, improve livelihoods for children, and lift people out of poverty. With specialized agriculture loans and training from Opportunity, Mary has improved her harvests, increased her income, and is now able to meet her family’s needs. Now, she sends her kids to school with full stomachs, ready to learn.

Mary, a savings group member and small business owner, feeds her ducks and chickens in Zomba, Malawi.

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