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At Opportunity International, we are passionate about transforming lives around the globe. We host Insight Trips so we can share with you, our supporters, the hope, gratitude and excitement we experience every time we are in the field with clients working hard to achieve their goals

Insight Trips are safe, eye-opening and unforgettable adventures that are authentic to each host country. You’ll spend time with experts in the field and local hosts who know the culture inside and out—their personal perspective will give you an intimate understanding of the culture and how we work alongside our clients to make significant and lasting changes. You’ll witness how our clients are rising out of poverty and transforming their lives.

So come journey with us. We take care of all the details to ensure you travel in good company to authentic and exquisite sights. It will be an adventure unlike any other—one that will change you forever.

Upcoming Insight Trips

Insight Trip - Uganda

Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, is home to stunning natural landscapes and a rich mosaic of tribes and cultures, with more than 30 different indigenous languages, and equally diverse music, art and handicrafts.

Tags: International / Insight Trips

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Jun 17 2017

Insight Trip - India

India is a country that can’t be explained—it must be experienced. As the seventh largest country in the world with several hundred languages, India is dozens of countries in one.

Tags: International / Insight Trips

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Sep 10 2017

Insight Trip - NAWBO Nicaragua

Nicaragua is home to great beauty and passion. This Central American country possesses the natural beauty of both Pacific and Caribbean coasts, majestic volcanoes and a rich culture best known for its marimba music and warm hospitality.

Tags: International / Insight Trips

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Nov 27 2017

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