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    Trust Groups

    Opportunity International Trust Groups help entrepreneurs break free from the limitations of poverty by promoting solidarity and maintaining accountability.

    Trust Groups consist of 10-30 entrepreneurs, mostly women, who meet once a week to share personal and business advice, receive financial training, and vote on loan-related topics.

    Trust Groups build a safety net by guaranteeing each other’s loans -- if one member defaults on a weekly payment, everyone else must cover the costs.

    This method has led to a loan repayment rate of 98%.

    We can continue to foster the development of our clients’ businesses and personal lives. $5,000 provides a Trust Group with the resources to empower approximately 25 clients and their families, leading to a meaningful impact on approximately 110 people.

    Your investment will allow members of Trust Groups to experience previously unimaginable growth in their lives and build deep connections for the future.