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Key Focus Areas Education Finance

The Crisis

More than 124 million children and adolescents worldwide are not in school, including one in four in Africa. Education unlocks and fuels a child's potential as a proven path out of poverty. In fact, education is the single greatest determinant of future economic status and self-reliance. Opportunity International is committed to putting and keeping more children in the classroom around the world. 

Challenges and Solutions

The Challenge: Unaffordable Schools - school tuitions and associated fees are often prohibitively expensive for parents living on a meager income

Opportunity's Solution: School Fee Loans - providing families with funds to pay required school fees and buy uniforms, books and other supplies

The Challenge: Poor Quality of Schools - many schools suffer from overcrowding, inadequate teachers and low-quality educational materials that limit student performance

Opportunity's Solution: School Improvement Loans - financing to empower private school proprietors to improve the quality of education and expand schools in rural areas 

The Challenge: High Dropout Rates - many children are forced to drop out of school in order to support their families during times of illness and death

Opportunity's Solution: EduSave Insurance - protecting a child's future with free insurance for savings clients that helps cover school fees in the event of the death or disability of a parent

The Impact

Opportunity International has impacted more than 1.6 million children's lives. Our Education Finance program supports school proprietors in expanding classrooms, hiring more teachers, improving the quality of education and serving more students. We also empower families to pay for school tuitions, uniforms and supplies. When children and schools thrive, it spurs economic growth in the entire community that breaks the cycle of poverty and transforms lives for generations to come. 

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