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Where We Work Uganda

Facts about poverty and microfinance in Uganda. Help empower Ugandans in need to work their way out of poverty and build a safety net for the future.

Chronic political instability and ineffective economic management led to a pattern of decline that has made Uganda one of the world's most impoverished and least-developed countries. Nearly a quarter of its population lives below the poverty line. Many people live in inadequate and overcrowded dwellings in slums, mostly without clean water, electricity and proper sanitation. Rural people, too, suffer from a serious lack of basic necessities.

Opportunity Uganda’s operations began in 1994 as FAULU Uganda with the remaining shares bought by Opportunity International in 2009. Since that time, Opportunity was granted a deposit license and has expanded service to include some of Uganda’s most marginalized areas. Opportunity Uganda offers a full suite of financial services to those living in chronic poverty.

Farmer Loans: Loans help farmers pay expenses during the growing season. Opportunity Uganda maps and profiles clients’ farms, enabling the bank to customize lending to their needs.

Savings: Opportunity Uganda offers personal and fixed deposit accounts. The bank is poised to launch ExtraSave, which encourages clients to deposit a little more than their loan repayment amounts; and AgroSave, which incorporates insurance coverage into farmer savings accounts, helping ensure farmers’ food security.

Education Finance: School proprietor loans help education entrepreneurs expand classroom capacity, improve sanitation and enhance classroom technology. EduSave, an insurance-linked education-specific savings product developed with our insurance subsidiary, MicroEnsure, helps children continue to pay tuition in the event they lose their family income through a parent’s death or disability.

Home Improvement Loans: Conventional banks generally fail or ignore loan requests for low-cost shelter. Opportunity International and Habitat for Humanity work together to provide home improvement financing, housing support services and technical construction assistance to impoverished people in Uganda, as well as Ghana and Malawi.

Solar Panel Loans: A solar panel loan (approximately US$300) covers panels and installation, to bring light to families living without electricity. The energy the panels absorb from the sun helps families efficiently light their homes and businesses so they can extend their hours of income- or school-based productivity.

Additional Services Offered

  • Business loans: Trust Group, Solidarity Group, individual and small/medium enterprise
  • Home improvement loans (Habitat for Humanity partnership)
  • Agricultural finance loans and targeted farmer training
  • Insurance: credit life
  • Technology: magnetic-stripe cards used by more than 5,000 clients


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