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How To Celebrate Father's Day

By Allison Kooser

I love celebrating awesome dads.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it is the perfect excuse to honor and recognize amazing men who are transforming their families and communities.

This Father’s Day, I’m celebrating dads like Patrick, whose deep desire to create a better future for his children gave him the motivation he needed to turn a family farm into a booming business.

Dads like Don Antonio, who has grown his farm into an enterprise that is transforming not only his family, but his entire community. Today, he employs more than 30 people!

And dads like my own, the number one dad I know. My dad taught me to love learning – to read and write and explore my intellectual interests. He taught me to seek adventure – to travel, explore new places and meet new people. And he taught me to pursue my dreams – to spend time thinking about what it was that interested me most, and then to chase after that thing with as much effort as I could muster.

My dad is an amazing person, and I am so excited to celebrate him this Father’s Day.

So this year, I’m giving my dad an Opportunity International gift card so that I can honor him by empowering other awesome dads around the world. And you can do the same!

Think of the dads that inspire you. The dads that taught you important life lessons. The ones that challenged you to think and dream and adventure and explore. And then celebrate these dads by giving them Opportunity International Gift Cards!

To all of the dads in our lives – and all of the amazing dads around the world – thank you for your ongoing love and support.

Happy Father’s Day! 

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