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Building a factory and serving a community in ChinaWang Hong

Wang Hong never imagined that she would be managing her own business, let alone a factory, after losing her job at a grain management office in China. The company announced a restructuring and Wang Hong was laid off shortly afterwards, leaving her and so many other women without a source of income for their families. Undeterred, Wang decided to start her own small business making baseball caps. As her orders increased, she quickly realized she needed more helping hands if she was going to keep up with demand. Wang began hiring other laid-off workers, primarily women and the elderly, who were left behind by their industry and community.

Wang's production continued to grow, but the need for more capital hindered her ability to expand the business and realize its full potential—until she partnered with Opportunity China. She received business training to optimize her finances and a loan to invest in her business, giving her the working capital she needed to make her vision for the business a reality. With her loan, Wang was able to build a new factory, buy additional sewing machines and hire more workers to increase her cap production. Although she was proud of the thriving business she had built from the ground up, Wang knew her success would mean nothing if she did not help ease the burdens on women in her community.

In order to support her employees, many of whom who were mothers, Wang set up a place in her factory where young children could stay while their mothers worked. Not only has Wang helped bring these women dignity and purpose, she has also impacted their children by providing them with a safe environment where they can spend more time with their mothers and make new friends. With perseverance and strength, Wang forged a better life for herself and those around her—a great reversal of fortune. She plans to continue serving the women in her community who are looking for opportunities to work, learn and grow. 

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