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Bogota, ColombiaDora Osorio

Today, Dora Osorio serves as the President of her Opportunity Trust Group in El Barrio Recuerdo. She sells products from catalogs and in the afternoons, mans her own snack shop on the corner where she prepares arepas – a local Colombian treat. When local workers finish their days, Dora is there with her stove and a smile, offering hungry men a hot corn-cake. She lives in a two-story home that she shares with several of her daughters and grandchildren, and she wears a smile that takes over her whole face.

But things have not always been so easy for Dora. Shortly after the birth of their sixth child, her husband left her for another woman. The two had purchased a plot of land together, but after the separation, Dora’s husband threated to claim the land as his own. Dora enlisted the help of a local leader to fight her husband – and won. Today, her home sits on the property that she purchased.

But winning the property was only the beginning.

Dora and her kids lived in the frame of a home – without electricity or a bathroom. Little by little, she began building her house, adding bedrooms for her kids, a kitchen, and eventually, a second floor. And she’s not done yet. One of the things she loves most about Opportunity is that it offers more than just business loans. She hopes to take advantage of a roof and floor loan in the future to improve some of the structural elements of her home.

When Dora thinks about her past, she remembers life as being hard. Now, Dora dreams about things being easier. Simple. Calm. She is proud to hold a leadership position in her Trust Group, support her kids and build both her business and her home. She has a newfound hope for the future and a confidence that together, she and her kids can continue to build a future for themselves.

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