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Governors Resource Center 2016 Summer Series


June 22, 2016

“Schools of Opportunity” - Education Finance 
12-1 pm (light lunch) or 5:30-6:30 (wine and cheese)
(Offered twice - choose the most convenient for you to attend)

Opportunity International doesn’t build schools. Instead, through loans to parents, proprietors and students, Opportunity is supporting development of sustainable, local educational systems.

Come learn about how this remarkable program has already supported education for 1.5 million children through loans, insurance and financial education programs. And share our excitement about the next step plans to launch Education Quality assessments, training and resources.

Nathan Byrd, Head of Education Finance, will be featured in a video, followed by an in-depth talk by Kerri Desalm, Chicago-based Education Finance expert.  When you register, you’ll receive links to background materials about this initiative.

July 14, 2016

“Left Behind” - Transformation in China
Opportunity International is focused on improving livelihoods in rural China with those left behind from migrations to urban areas - the elderly, disabled and children. In this presentation, you’ll hear how Opportunity’s microfinance, microinsurance, and multi-faceted training programs are having an impact with these communities. Elise Lee, China-based head of the Left Behind program, will be our special guest speaker. 

September 21, 2016

“Healing Fields” - Community Health in India
Opportunity is working with Healing Fields Foundation to address the issue of affordable and accessible healthcare for marginalized people of India through training women to be health educators and change agents in their communities. Mukti Bosco, inspiring leader of the program, will prepare a video which a member of the Chicago Opportunity staff will present and discuss with us. 

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