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Thank you Oprah.

Thanks to your generous gift, girls in Africa will be able to study, learn and prepare for their futures. Your gift will empower incredible young women to chase after their dreams and equip them with the skills they need to become the next generation of female leaders. By funding education for girls in Africa, you are raising up and training the next generation of change-makers - girls who will challenge the status-quo, accomplish big goals and grow into successful, inspiring women. Your support will also enable Opportunity to increase our programming focused on empowering women and girls. We are grateful for your support and honored to partner with you.

Muteeteri, Naggalama Junior School

Muteeteri wants to be a doctor. Now that she is able to finish her education at a school funded by Opportunity growth loans, she will be able to study biology and chemistry, learning the building blocks she needs to continue chasing her dreams. And with a strong foundation in science, she will be well-prepared to pursue medical school and training as she grows.

Ijana, Naggalama Junior School

Ijana wants to be a journalist. As a young girl growing up in Uganda, she has a unique perspective and amazing stories to tell. At an Opportunity-funded school, she is learning to read, write and communicate well, building the skill set she will need to succeed as she pursues her dreams.

Veronica, Naggalama Junior School

Veronica wants to be a nurse. She has seen neighbors suffer due to unaccessible health care, and she wants to be part of the solution. With a huge heart for others, she dreams of caring for her community - and today, she is able to study and be encouraged by teachers who believe in and care for her.

Your generous support will transform the lives of Muteeteri, Ijana, Veronica and thousands of other girls in Africa like them, empowering them to continue studying, learning and pursuing their dreams. On behalf of each of the girls who will be able to stay in school and build a bright future because of your gift, thank you.