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STA Group, LLC Creates 500 Jobs in the Developing World

Nida Khoutakoun, Business Architect, STA Group, in Bogota, Colombia, during an Opportunity International insight trip to meet clients and see how the organization is helping people break the cycle of poverty.


Oak Brook, Ill., January 29, 2015 – STA Group, LLC has partnered with Opportunity International, the premier global financial services organization for the poor, to fund nearly $100,000 in loans, savings accounts, microinsurance, education programs and other initiatives to help 500 people in developing countries work their way out of poverty, transform their lives and strengthen their families and communities.

STA Group launched a holiday program on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 2, and ran through Dec. 8. During that time, each associate’s donation to Opportunity International was matched by the company. As part of the program, an STA Group associate traveled to Colombia to meet Opportunity International clients, see the organization's programs in action and share her experiences with the company's 200 other associates. STA Group also helped develop a customized, corporate landing page on the Opportunity International website to provide information and encourage STA associates to participate in the fundraising campaign.

“STA Group’s partnership with Opportunity International is a great example of what an individual company can do through a vibrant corporate social responsibility program to help alleviate poverty around the world,” said Vicki Escarra, Global CEO, Opportunity International. “The money will fund thousands of small business loans and help us expand our financial services into even the most remote areas of Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. STA Group and its associates have given the world a powerful gift.”

The STA Group donation match program was so successful that Opportunity International is using it as a case study for other companies and organizations interested in taking action against poverty and improving lives.

“One reason we partnered with Opportunity International is that every dollar invested in their programs grows to $6 over 5 years as loans are repaid then re-loaned to others in need” said David Dillon, Senior Managing Director, STA Group. “That means our donation will grow to nearly $100,000 in five years and transform thousands of lives and families."

This is the second major gift from STA Group since 2009, when the company donated funds from its holiday program to help fund Opportunity’s programs. That donation has since grown to more than $80,000. 

“We want to change the world,” Dillon said. “Together with Opportunity International, we're creating opportunities for the world’s poor to live bigger and brighter lives.”

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Opportunity International is a global non-profit organization that helps people in developing nations work their way out of poverty, strengthen their families and improve their communities. Founded in 1971, the organization has provided more than $8.5 billion in loans, savings programs, insurance, and other financial services and training to more than 12 million clients in 22 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Clients use the resources to expand businesses, provide for their families and create jobs in their communities. The U.S. headquarters of Opportunity International are in Oak Brook, Ill., with other key offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The organization proudly employs more than 17,500 people around the world. Discover more at 


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