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Never too old for a children’s book

By Allison Kooser

The best children’s books resonate with us as adults, too—and that’s what makes our July Opportunity Book Club pick so special.

In Home of the Brave, Katherine Applegate introduces us to Kek, a young Sudanese refugee. We join him as he navigates the challenges of a Minnesota winter and a new life in the United States alone. Kek was separated from his mother in an African refugee camp, and he must make sense of both a new place and the trauma of his past while he waits to learn his mother’s fate.

This emotional story reminds us of just how critical Opportunity’s refugee-focused work is for this vulnerable population.

The UN Refugee Agency reports that globally, 1 in every 95 people has fled their home due to conflict or persecution (UNHCR). Opportunity International strengthens refugees’ financial and digital literacy so they can create stability for their families and find meaningful work during impossibly challenging situations.

Home of the Brave is written for young readers, but the story is something the entire family can learn from and enjoy. We can’t wait to read this with you, your children, or your grandchildren this month—and we are so excited to hear what you learn from this powerful piece of literature.

Happy reading!

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