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End the year with a memoir

By Allison Kooser

When the weather gets colder and the sun sets earlier and earlier each evening, we find ourselves reaching for enthralling stories—novels and epics that we can cozy up with and get lost in.

This month’s Opportunity Book Club selection transports us through time and place, charting decades throughout history and across countries.

This December, join us as we read The Country Under My Skin: A Memoir of Love and War by Gioconda Belli.

Belli grew up as part of Nicaragua’s upper class, living the charmed life set before her. But in 1970, everything changed. She joined the Sandinistas—the political and military organization that overthrew the existing Nicaraguan government in 1979—and over the course of 20 years, worked her way up to what the book describes as the “highest, and often the most dangerous, levels.”

Her memoir is a sweeping inside look at both one woman’s life and Nicaraguan history. Author Salmon Rushdie described it as “a passionate, lyrical, tough-minded account of an extraordinary life in art, revolution, and love. It’s a book to relish, to read and re-read. Unforgettable.”

This month, join us as we look back at Nicaragua's rich and complicated history—one that Belli describes from her unique perspective as a leader at the heart of decades of conflict.

As we reflect on our own work in Nicaragua, we invite you to be part of this story with us. End the year by making a gift to Opportunity International that will support our work around the world. This holiday season, take your reading and learning to the next level by getting involved. Be a waymaker for Opportunity clients and help break the cycle of poverty for the incredible families we serve.

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