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Left to Tell - What we're reading this month

By Allison Kooser

Last month we read A Girl is a Body of Water, a fictional exploration of girlhood and folklore in Uganda. This month, we're moving south to the neighboring country of Rwanda to remember a painful and essential moment in world history.

Honor the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, recognized each year on April 7, by reading a powerful memoir that details one woman's experience during the Rwandan genocide.

Join us as we read Left to Tell by Immaculée Ilibagiza, an unforgettable story of survival and forgiveness.

Publishers Weekly called Left to Tell a "searing first-hand account" that "uplifts and inspires," and Jeannette Kagame, First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda, endorsed the book, saying "I hope that all can experience Immaculée's profound spiritual transformation and be inspired to work for a united and lasting nation."

In 1995, Ilibagiza's life was torn apart when Rwanda descended into a bloody genocide. Her family was brutally murdered during months of violence when nearly a million Rwandans were killed. Ilibagiza survived.

She spent 91 days hiding silently in a tiny bathroom with seven other women—emerging forever changed. You will leave her story inspired by her resilience, amazed by her courage, and motivated by her faith.

"The triumphant story of this remarkable young woman's journey through the darkness of genocide will inspire anyone whose life has been touched by fear, suffering, and loss." (Barnes & Noble)

Together we will learn about Ilibagiza's journey and the impact the Rwandan genocide had on her and her country. We look forward to reading this powerful book with you.

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