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Talk to Us! Your 2019 Goals

By Opportunity International

This year, we want to hear from you! 

Each month, we'll ask you a question—and we'll pose the same question to one of our clients working her way out of poverty around the world.

Because, while our circumstances look different, our lives are actually remarkably similar. We all are working hard, dreaming about the future, and caring for our families. We all like hanging out with friends, and we are all aiming for more joy and laughter. 

We'll share your responses each month, so be sure to join the conversation with us! 

Let's get started...

What is one of your goals for the new year?

Learn Italian!   -Ian H. 

Run more.   -Ian M.

Read 35 books.   -Abbie
(Did you know you can read with us? Join the Opportunity Book Club!

Connect in person with friends.   -Pamela

Write more thank you notes and send them via snail mail.   -Allison

Learn to do my own house projects without having to hire people to help me. Next big project: remodeling the bathroom!   -Shane 

Denis Alvarez Moreao, snack vendor, Colombia

My goal is to continue to improve my house. I already worked on my kitchen, and next I want to tile my bathroom! -Denis

Take control of my finances and learn how to invest.   -Sarah

Get a 36 on the ACT.   -Ian M.

Write to my grandparents more.   -Carly

Set my own priorities every day.   -Laura

Travel somewhere new!   -Katie
(You can travel with Opportunity, too! Check out our 2019 Insight Trips!)

Slow down and protect my calendar.   -Annie

Hastings, butcher, Malawi

Learn more about import/export so that I can continue to expand my business. -Hastings

Start a new job!   -John

Meal prep.   -Kate

Beat my siblings at tennis.   -Kevin

Start a daily journal.   -Kyle

Save 30% of every paycheck.   -Morgan

Be the best grandma ever.   -Diane

Uvania, clothing vendor, Nicaragua

I want to open a second location of my store—and eventually, I want to have four so that I can leave one to each of my children! -Uvania

Be more intentional about maintaining long-distance friendships.   -Dave 

Take more camping trips.   -Julia

Take an evening to myself more often.   -Steve

Be more productive in the mornings.   -Suzanne

Learn to say no, give a reason, and offer an alternative.   -Lydia

Have more fun!   -Anna


Thank you to everyone who responded to our January question! We loved hearing about your dreams and goals for the year. This month, we'd love to know: 

What do you want to be when you grow up? (Or what did you want to be?)

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