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Opportunity In Action

April Edition

April 28, 2017

Families around the world just like yours face hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity each day. They have dreams for their children and goals for the future, but struggle to simply put food on the table. Surprisingly, smallholder farmers are often the people who face the most challenges with hunger as they fight to grow their crops and their incomes. But, when farmers are given the right financial tools and training, they have the opportunity to go from subsistence to success—and from hunger to hope.

In our latest blog, you'll learn how hunger disproportionately affects farmers, women and children, as well as hear how Opportunity is equipping farmers with technology, training and connections so they can better feed themselves and their families.

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When Two Are Better Than One

Agapito struggled to grow enough yucca to provide for his family in Nicaragua, but that all began to change when he met Emir, an agronomist with Opportunity International Nicaragua.

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Agriculture Team Spotlight

Our agriculture team spends most of their time in the field with clients, but we stole a few minutes with Tim Strong, Regional Agriculture Finance Adviser, to find out which clients are his favorites, how many miles he’s logging for our farmers and what his big dream is for Opportunity.

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Ending Extreme Poverty In Our Lifetime

Global CEO Vicki Escarra and U.S. CEO Atul Tandon recently sat down with Forbes to discuss how Opportunity is working to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. Read their full interview to learn how our financial services and sustainable solutions are helping millions of families around the world break the cycle of poverty.

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