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A-Laying the Foundation for Sustainable Jobs

By Heather Kaczrowski

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me six geese a-laying...

Throughout the holiday season, we see simple acts of generosity magnify – whether it’s a line of coffee-goers paying it forward for the customers behind them, a group of carolers brightening the day for busy commuters in the train station, or a batch of cookies delivering much-needed holiday sugar rushes to fellow co-workers, one small act, just like a goose a-laying, can produce a much larger impact. 

Opportunity International also works to magnify our impact by leveraging each donation we receive. In fact, every $1 invested in Opportunity’s banks becomes $6 in loans over five years. As loans are repaid and recycled, more hardworking entrepreneurs gain access to life-changing financial services that they, in turn, use to invest in their business, build a sustainable income and support jobs for neighbors. 

Just like the gift of geese a-laying, a gift to Opportunity keeps on giving, empowering entrepreneurs to sustainably improve their incomes and build their own nest for the future.

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