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Meet Aggrey Byarugaba

By Allison Kooser

Aggrey Byarugaba always knew he wanted to help people learn. When he graduated from college, he dreamed of educating other students like him – students who needed an inexpensive, high-quality school in which to learn.

Soon, Aggrey began working with local partners and funders on a new school. Aggrey’s job was to generate local interest in the school, and if and when he did so, he was promised the role of Headmaster. With no budget, Aggrey worked tirelessly to tell the community about the new school. He spoke on the radio, visited homes and built up a great deal of excitement among the community. Then, when it was time for the school to open, Aggrey’s partners decided to hire a new Headmaster from Kampala – someone new to the area and unknown by the parents.

The next day, 100 students showed up, but they all wanted to attend school with Aggrey. With the help of the local village, Aggrey quickly found another location and set up his own school – working form the ground up to build the school that the students wanted and deserved. By the end of the first week of class, Aggrey was serving 120 students.

Today, Aggrey’s school – Global High – has 376 junior high and high school students. He employs 24 teachers and 7 non-teaching staff, and he encourages teachers to continue their own studies as well.

Global High was born of the community, and now it is doing its part to serve the needs of the people who created it. Under Aggrey’s leadership, Global High is thriving – educating students for the future and transforming the community today. 

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