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Schools as Job Creators

By Allison Kooser

This fall, we are exploring eduction around the world. Through a careful study of the Ahobrase Academy in Ghana, we are studying how investing in education transforms the lives of students, families and entire communities. Join us. 

Ahobrase Academy has had an enormous impact on its community.

As a result of the increased physical infrastructure, Ahobrase was able to grow from just a nursery school to a primary school, and then to a complete junior high school as well. With more students, the school earned more money, empowering Comfort, the school proprietor, to pay her staff well and on time - uncommon in Ghana. With better and more stable salaries, teachers feel more confident in their roles, leading to higher-quality teaching, resulting in improved academic performance.

Take a moment to think about the teachers who have influenced you. My fifth grade Humanities teacher encouraged and challenged and inspired me to think creatively and express myself well. She taught me how to write, but more importantly she taught me to love writing - and for that I am forever grateful. How have amazing teachers impacted you?

Ahobrase Academy has created great jobs for teachers. And it's also created jobs for dozens more in the community. 

The school has created and supported jobs like:

  • A school accountant and auditor to handle Ahobrase's ever-growing finances
  • Two security staff
  • Over 40 short-term construction staff
  • Local seamstresses and tailors who have increased their revenues thanks to students purchasing school uniforms
  • A neighborhood bakery that serves students - and has seen an increase in household income as a result
  • Samwood Publishers, the company that provides classroom textbooks, which has grown because of Ahobrase's business
  • A small stationary shop which opened nearby as a direct result of the school's presence

These local business owners have brighter futures thanks to Ahobrase Academy. When you invest in education, you are transforming the lives of students, but you are also creating jobs for the entire community. 

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