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#TBT to Global Money Week

By Natalie Zannelli

In March, Opportunity Malawi participated in Global Money Week. This week, for Throwback Thursday (#TBT), we are remembering this year's event. 

When thinking about the importance of financial awareness, it can be quite overwhelming at first. Managing money can definitely be difficult; I often feel a pang of panic whenever I take a quick peak at my bank account. Despite this, it is incredibly important for children and adults alike to start becoming mindful of the importance of financial stability and how it can affect their futures – so what better way to promote financial awareness than through enjoyable activities and entertaining performances?

Every year in March, Child and Youth Finance International coordinate a celebration titled Global Money Week in order to further educate children about money, employment, and entrepreneurship, and how these tools result in a bright and better future. This network of researchers utilizes their studies, videos, and infographics to increase awareness of economic citizenship. Their shared research and results relate to financial inclusion and the importance of creating economic opportunities for the future. Over 100 countries take action to become a part of this inspiring movement, and you can too! This is an international event; communities around the world help organize and engage in rousing events and interactive projects for children to not only have fun, but also learn.

This year, Opportunity International Bank of Malawi participated in the 2015 Global Money Week with a plethora of enjoyable learning activities. For this year’s Global Money Week, OIBM specifically created interactive sessions for youths—mainly females—to extend the knowledge and confidence needed to play major roles in future financial issues. Children were encouraged to learn through exciting sports tournaments and performances featuring dance and theater. When discussing a complex topic such as this, interactive activities are the way to go! OIBM additionally offered the opportunity for children to open their own accounts, as well as attend informational speeches from bank officials. These events helped children further understand what happens to money when it reaches the bank. OIBM’s passion for giving females a central role in the financial sector and other economic issues definitely played a large role in their activities for Global Money Week. OBIM’s goal was to make females feel more empowered and confident in their abilities to take on central roles in future financial issues. Because of their activities and programs, females were able to engage in interactive situations and gain a greater understanding of these current issues and the importance of financial inclusion. Everyone has an equal opportunity to change the future. OBIM is driven to make a change, and this is for sure one step in the right direction!

Financial inclusion and economic citizenship are vital elements we need in order to achieve a better future for all. This celebration is a movement. Because of Global Money Week, children around the world are becoming more educated about money management and how to save for their futures. It’s never too late to start saving. So why not start now? You have the ability to shape your own future. So next time you go on a shopping spree, think about it: should you spend, or save?

Natalie is an Opportunity International 2015 Summer Marketing Intern. When she isn't writing and creating videos for Opportunity, she is studying Interactive Media and Speech Communication at North Central College. 

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