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Meet Arnest, A Community Leader

By Ellen Grochocinski

This summer, we are exploring the path from Farm to Table - exploring the many issues smallholder farmers face around the world. 

After working in the telecom sector for one year, Arnest Sebbumba realized that there was something missing from his life. He looked around his community in the Kayunga District of Uganda and noticed that changes needed to be made - a lot of changes. So he took action.

Arnest left his family home to attend The Uganda Institute of Information and Technology in Kampala, Uganda where he received his degree in telecommunications. He spent his time working tirelessly toward his diploma, hoping he would make his family proud. 

But after working for a year, he returned to his fmaily in Kayuna. As a child, Arnest spent years watching his father run their family farm. He knew what it took to become an extraordinary farmer, and he soon developed a strong passion for farming. He took over the family business and began to raise beef cows, dairy cows and pigs. He also grew bananas, coffee beans and maize across 10 acres of land. Inspired by his father, he worked day-in and day-out supporting his family and supplying food for the people in his community. Although times got tough, Arnest never stopped thinking about his family and how important this business was to them. Describing himself as a Young Entrepreneur, Arnest proved to his family and the people in his community that he was going to make a difference.

While working with a variety of other entrepreneurs, Arnest learned how to run an up-and-coming farming business. With help from Opportunity International, Arnest was able to expand his farm and become even more successful. According to Arnest, "If I couldn't get a loan from Opportunity Bank, I would be forced to sell portions of my stock. Thankfully, Opportunity was there for me and I was able to continue running my farm successfully!" He recognizes that his loan from Opportunity was the investment he needed to grow. 

Growing up, Arnest's father taught him the significance of hard work - and Arnest took that lesson and applied to his everyday life. While managing his family's farm, he also gives his time to other young people in his community. He encourages them to follow their dreams and become successful. He teaches them the importance of hard work, just like his father taught him. 

Arnest is an outstanding entreprenuer who is revolutionizing his community. He has accomplished so much in his life and has taught many people the importance of dedication and determination. He was able to use his skills to support his family and his community - and is creating a lasting impact. As a Young Entreprenuer, he took action - and his actions have paid off. Big time. 

Ellen is a 2015 Summer Marketing Intern at Opportunity International. When she's not writing for Opportunity, she studies Marketing and PR at the University of Dayton. 

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