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By Lydia Baldridge Meier

I am blessed to be able to work for Opportunity International, a job I love, from a home office.  My search for advice for moms with home offices introduced me to a new term: Mompreneur.  There is a burgeoning industry of tools, advice, support and networking for moms creating their own income opportunities, while also caring for their family full time. This didn’t apply to me, but it certainly made me think of the Opportunity International clients I write about every day. They are the ultimate mompreneurs. 

While I was reading, I came across an article on Forbes. In it, the author sheds light on the success factors for mompreneurs: passion, maximizing your time and a solid business idea. 


This sounds just like the advice and training that Opportunity's loan officers give to their clients. In fact, I couldn't help but think of clients who embody the lessons that Forbes was giving to entreprenuers right here in our own backyards. 

1. Find the business in which you can be the most successful. 

As a girl, Gladis had to leave her hometown in Colombia due to violence. She struggled as a maid in the big city of Cartagena. But Gladis knew she could do better for herself, and took bold steps to launch her own store using an Opportunity loan and the business skills she knew were her best strength. 

2. Your time and resources are precious. 

Grace Msowoya sells potatoes in Blantyre, Malawi. Thanks to her Opportunity bank account, Grace can access her funds from a nearby kiosk instead of journeying to a bank. This gives her back valuable time for her business and her children. Her funds are safely in the bank, doubly protected by fingerprint ID access.  

3. Keep your big goals in mind. 

Justine from Uganda is a woman with a strong mind for business. But above all, her goal is to set her children up for future success. So Justine has carefully chosen Opportunity services that help her achieve that ultimate goal, not just focus on daily profits. 

This Mother's Day, I am grateful for all of the mompreneurs out there - whether they are running a store in Colombia, a potato stand in Malawi, a tech start-up in Silicon Valley or their busy household anywhere around the world. 

Honor mompreneurs - and all of the important moms in your life - on the Global Opportunity Quilt. 

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