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Opportunity Celebrated the Back to School Season by Launching Campus Ambassadors

By Heather Rubacky

2013 has been an inspiring year. In this blog series, the 12 Days of Opportunity, we are celebrating the accomplishments made possible by our caring and generous community of partners and supporters. Because of you, our clients are working their way out of poverty, strengthening their families and building vibrant communities in 22 countries around the world.  

This fall, Young Ambassadors for Opportunity celebrated the back to school season by going to college! 

September marked the launch of Campus Ambassadors--a new program designed to engage college students with Opportunity International's work around the world. Students are the perfect supporters of microfinance: they are passionate and driven to improve the world, possess a keen sense of opportunity and equality, are constantly generating strong community connections...and are often on a tight budget. 

Students understand that a small investment, coupled with a lot of perseverance, is all it takes to radically change the course of someone's life. And students, as the leaders of tomorrow, provide a vision of a world in which everyone has access to the financial tools needed for success. The microfinance model, especially through organizations like Opportunity, values this energy and drive over simple dollars, making students the perfect ambassadors. 

Opportunity International believes that students have the passion, energy and motivation to mobilize a generation to broaden their perspective, engage globally and seriously take on the challenge of eradicating poverty.

As one of the world's leading microfinance providers, Opportunity is excited to partner with student leaders and change agents as Campus Ambassadors on high school and university campuses, to educate their peers on the sustainable and innovative model of microfinance and to empower those living in poverty. 

Campus Ambassadors is a hands-on, student-run group providing leadership experience, educational opportunities, professional development and lifelong connections. With support from a local advisory council, we will ensure you have the guidance you need to amplify your efforts to bring the right financial tools to aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries. 

We are excited about growing the program and expanding to new campuses around the country. To learn more about Campus Ambassadors or express your interest in bringing the program to your school, visit opportunity.org/campus.

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